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What Customers Are Saying

“This CBD cream is the best I’ve tried. And, I live in Colorado where CBD creams are in abundance. I have a very physical job that my 47yr old body tolerates, but, with many aches and pains. This cream reduces the pain and swelling. I rub it into my knees, ankles, and hands at night before bed, and when I awake, it’s like I never had any pain issues. Amazing. Thank you so much for this cream and for helping extend my work life.”

Lara Sohrweid

“Jeremiah’s Mountain Cream has already started relieving pain in my ankle and foot and I just got it two days ago.”

Alaina N.

“I love this cream. Really amazing! Took the pain away from the blisters on my nose from cryosurgery as well as working magic on my scars!”

Patty M.

“Love it for my knees – been using two weeks. Feel much better.”

Doborah W.

“And acne! Works like a charm!”

Harlee K.