About Us

We are a small topical creams and skin care products company located in Longmont, Colorado. We grew up here, playing in the mountains where we can be found when out of the lab. Our founder is a research chemist with a background developing natural products chemistry and in opto-electronics. He can appreciate the natural order found in nature that drives the complicated systems of life that we see in our everyday experience.

Our Story

Our skin care topicals came into being by request from our friends and family, who had aging associated pains and skin problems they needed help to sooth and repair. We looked to nature for the answers as in most every plant, there is a compound found that can help us address whatever ails us.
Thus, we use plant extracts and oils to work together in a synergistic dance to help address problems our loved ones may have experienced. With that success in helping the ones we love, they thought we should share this with the world, and so we offer our findings to you.
Each of our products are named after someone we love dearly as our products were designed with love in our hearts to help those that we love and that we set out to help in the first place. We hope our topicals can serve you well.

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