About Us

Welcome to Colorado Mountain Creams, we are a small “Mom & Pop” wholesale manufacturing company based out of Longmont, Colorado. Our products were born from research and development as we started out as an R & D project our founder derived to produce topical skin creams that would have a physically noticeable effect on skin repair, skin health and to address inflammation-induced pain.

Our Story

After two years of development and testing on volunteers, family and friends we are ready to share our project with the world to provide topical creams that absorb into the skin to stimulate regeneration of bio-architectural components on a molecular level. Our products contain all-natural plant-based ingredients apart from our preservative to keep from rancification of the natural process of decay.

Each of our flagship product links will provide you with a technical discussion of why our formulations work on a molecular level with technical journal references where the basic scientific research was conducted. Each reference paper listed was taken from technical peer reviewed journals: the scientific community. At the bottom of the page you will find the actual research paper referenced in PDF format so you can read and understand why our creams are effective for most people.
The heart of this company is engulfed in research and development, whereby the proceeds of sales from our products flow into development projects to contribute to improving the human condition in the areas of neuroscience. We desire to help humanity by applying our future research to the area of neuroscience so when matured we will share with the world as projects advance to completion.

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